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Kind Words From Kind People

Kind Words From 
Kind People

"I've more than doubled my engagement..."

"I have learned such amazing strategies and now have
3 new Clients..."

"I'm in continuous communication with sellers..."

"I feel like I've had a breakthrough..."

"I've got way more comments than I ever have before..."

"I have gotten more contacts and have had really good convos about real estate..."

" She re-awakened my entire process of thought on marketing..."

" It's reinvigorated my database..."

"...And she overdelivers! "

"I'm more comfortable putting myself out there"

"Before, I was terrified of social media...and thought it was a waste of time, now I see the value that this free marketing platform can provide." 

"She's got the inside secrets!"

"I've gotten a plan mapped out, a way to follow up... She is so knowledgeable in what she does!"

"This is like a 'leads on demand" system"

"She showed me how to leverage posts to use it to create awareness around my service, and generate value from my content."

"I recommend her yes, absolutely without hesitation, I'm super grateful"

"I'm on the verge to crack $3M in production in my first year in a state where I knew absolutely no one"

"Totally Recommend, 10 / 10"

"I have done 2 discovery calls just from engaging with them on posts"

"Recommend her anytime, any day"

"I've gotten a ton of engagement and learned how to transition that into listing appointments"

"She Helped Me To Think Out Of The Box"

"I didn't know if I was going to be able to stay in Real Estate....she allowed me think outside of the box ... and I was able to do a few deals... I would definitely recommend her."

"Definitely Reach out To Kat"

"Kat went in and showed me...She was so relaxed!
Definitely reach out to Kat!"

"I've grown a lot"

"I've gotten to understand and gotten awareness of what i need to do"

Showed me the ins and outs of Lead Generation

"Kat has done an exceptional job of showing me the ropes and work on it everyday, I had no idea what ...went into Lead Generation"

"Better Than I Expected!"

"The websites that you built for my team...are amazing!"

"I've gotten focused"

"She's a Lead Gen & Life Coach and before I was lost ... but now I've gotten more focused"

"The Value She Gives is Incredible!"

"I'm shocked at all the knowledge she has in the Real Estate industry. She invested her own time looking into my Social Media & gave me feedback to help me improve my marketing."

"I got 3 new clients in first 7 days"

"I doubted myself in the business, but since working with her, I've learned amazing strategies."

"She's So Engaging, Sign Up With Her!"

"Really excited to work with her because I was nervous and anxious to get on calls with people... now I'm so excited to move on and start coaching with her."

"Just take that leap of faith and work with Kat"

"I wanted to give up and quit real estate all together.... I recommend anyone who is struggling, to take that leap of faith, work through the program with Kat. I would recommend Kat on so many different occasions, over and over and over again..."

"It's been a great experience working with her"

"She helped me get a routine and now I have more confidence..."

"I'm in a much better position now!"

"Kat has explained so many things that have so much value, and in general is pretty amazing, and she could be a life coach too!"

"Kat is an Excellent Lead Generation Coach"

"I have a better understanding of how to Generate leads and I highly recommend her"

"I'm Much More Confident in Myself"

"Before working with Kat, I was feeling lost and not confident...Since working with her, I've had more confidence in my marketing ... and believing in myself!"

"The excitement is crazy, 
I never had the confidence before!"

"I am already over the moon excited. Kat has made me go out of my comfort zone in the first 2 days... Kat said just do it...I'm so excited for the future!"

"I would definitely recommend, 10 out of 10!"

"I had no idea about social media to help me lead gen...Since Coaching with her, I've now learned about better Lead Gen strategies on Social Media"

"I've learned such amazing strategies"

"I'm shocked at all the knowledge she has in the RE industry. She invested her own time looking into my SM & gave me feedback to help me improve my marketing."

"Definitely Highest and Best Use of My Time!"

"Feeling the knowledge. Appreciating the value. Feels like an excellent investment in myself."

"So excited to work with her"

"Kat is definitely worth investing your time with as she gets to know you as an individual, your goals, and this is not just a blanket lead generation program. "

"You've Really Motivated me..."

"Kat you've really motivated me ... and helped me consider those things outside of the box!"

"Highly Recommend Kat Rich"

"I was lost before, and now I'm on Facebook doing lead generation. I highly recommend Kat Rich! "

"Fun, Motivating and Extremely helpful"

"You've really helped me get my real estate act together"

"You opened my mind"

"Kat you've really motivated me ... and helped me consider those things outside of the box!"

"You've helped me grow my business"

"I can't believe the progress I've made in the little time we've worked together...Thank you for helpin gme grow my business"

"I am in a better position now"

"In general is pretty amazing, and could actually be a life coach too! 10 out of 10 recommend."

"Katapult and Beyond!!"

"Watched the video. I loved how you did step by step so we could do it with you. Strategic way to contact...without being a used car salesman"

"BIG win for us today"

"Kat you've helped me see the path and how it all works together. Thanks!"


"You were great, Kat. I Love your freaking energy. OMGGGGG..... Love, Love, Love it! "

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